This module is a resource for lecturers  


Additional teaching tools


This section includes links to relevant teaching aides such as PowerPoint slides, video material, case studies, and other resources that could help the lecturer teach the issues covered by the Module. The slides and other resources can be adapted by lecturers.

PowerPoint presentation

Lecturers should note that the PowerPoint slides provided for this Module are suggestions only, and should be adapted for local content. For example, lecturers are encouraged to find and integrate pictures within their presentation of the different prisons / prison conditions in the country, or to highlight relevant issues raised by local media and politicians.


Listed below are a number of short video clips (the length of each video clip is indicated in brackets) that focus on some of the different issues raised in the Module. Students could be asked to jot down a few notes when video clips are shown, which can then be used to inform group discussion.

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