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Advanced reading


The following readings are recommended for students interested in exploring the topics of this Module in more detail, and for lecturers teaching the Module:

  • Annas, Julia (1995). The Morality of Happiness. Oxford: Oxford University Press.   » An overview of ancient ethical philosophy by this prominent female scholar.
  • Blackburn, Simon (2001). Ethics: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.   » This is an accessible and short book on the topic of ethics that can be read in a couple of hours - an ideal introduction to the topic.
  • Blackburn, Simon (2002). Being Good. Oxford: Oxford University Press.   » A little bit more comprehensive that his very short introduction (see above), this text traces various aspects of ethics with examples from history, politics, religion and everyday life.
  • Gurzawska, Agata (2015). Institutional Integrity.    » This work examines different aspects of integrity, with specific reference to the distinction between individual and institutional integrity.
  • Kreeft, Peter (1983). The Unaborted Socrates. Illinois: InterVarsity Press.   » This text examines the ethical issues around abortion. It imagines what would happen if Socrates would re-appear in modern Athens, and presents a dialogue between a doctor, a philosopher and a psychologist.
  • MacIntyre, Alasdair (2002). A Short History of Ethics. London: Routledge Classics.   » This work, written by one of the most important contemporary ethicists and philosophers, is challenging but rewarding. There is a specific emphasis on the historical context.
  • Norman, Richard (1998). The Moral Philosophers. Oxford: Oxford University Press.   » This very accessible book provides an introduction to ethics by looking at the contributions of major Western philosophers, including ancient (Plato and Aristotle) and modern (Hume, Kant, Mill and Hegel) contributions.
  • Rachels, James and Stuart Rachels (2012). The Elements of Moral Philosophy. New York: McGraw-Hill.   » A classic text book for undergraduate classes. See especially: Chapters 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12.
  • Robinson, Dave and Chris Garratt (1997). Ethics for Beginners. Cambridge: Icon Books.   » This introductory book introduces complex ethical dilemmas across a wide spectrum, including topics such as individual choice, genocide, free markets and genetic engineering. The style is informal with frequent use of cartoons.
  • Singer, Peter (2011). Practical Ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.   » A classic introduction to applied ethics, with topics ranging from luxury items and terrorism to euthanasia and the natural environment. The preface is available online.
  • Stewart, Noel (2009). Ethics: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy. Cambridge: Polity Press.   » This is a very accessible text with sections on normative ethics, practical ethics and meta-ethics.
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