This module is a resource for lecturers  




This Module provides a brief introduction to the concepts of integrity and ethics. It is designed to be used by lecturers who wish to provide their students with conceptual clarity and expose them to ethical dilemmas and ethical decision-making. The concept of integrity has been added in order to broaden the focus from the more traditional field of ethics. Combined, the concepts of integrity and ethics provide a more comprehensive perspective - they allow us to move beyond discussions about the difference between right and wrong, in order to focus on relationships and behaviour as well.

Throughout the Module, students will be introduced to concepts and thrown in at the deep end by being asked to make decisions on what they would regard as the most ethical solutions to dilemmas. Students will be guided through three major ethical theories, and challenged to agree or disagree with them. Students should not be afraid to take a stance, as this will enhance their learning and enjoyment of the Module.

The Module is a resource for lecturers. It provides an outline for a three-hour class but can be used for shorter or longer sessions, or extended into a full-fledged course (see: Guidelines to develop a stand-alone course).


Learning outcomes

  • Understand and define the concepts of integrity and ethics
  • Describe three major theoretical approaches in integrity and ethics
  • Identify ethical dilemmas and apply different theoretical approaches
  • Understand the concept of personal integrity in the context of this Module
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