This module is a resource for lecturers  




We live in a world in which individuals, organizations, countries and societies are increasingly connected. Therefore, the impact of leadership - both good and bad - reverberates throughout entire political and economic systems. Greater connection equals greater influence, and this has changed the nature of leadership. Leaders have influence beyond their organizations, increasing the interconnection between ethics and good leadership. This Module is designed to help lecturers acquaint students with the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications of ethical leadership, taking into account the cultural diversity of contemporary organizations. The Module is structured around three major questions:

  • What is ethical leadership?
  • Why is ethical leadership important?
  • How can ethical leadership be promoted?

The Module is a resource for lecturers. It provides an outline for a three-hour class but can be used for shorter or longer sessions, or extended into a full-fledged course (see: Guidelines to develop a stand-alone course).


Learning outcomes

  • Define and give examples of ethical leadership
  • Understand leaders' ethical responsibilities
  • Explain effective ethical leadership
  • Assess ethical leadership
  • Identify ways to promote ethical leadership
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