This module is a resource for lecturers  


Advanced reading


The following readings are recommended for students interested in exploring the topics of this Module in more detail, and for lecturers teaching the Module:

  • CITES Secretariat, Model Law on International Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora (2016) Part 7 Offences and Penalties
  • DLA Piper, Empty Threat 2015: Does the Law Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade? A review of legislative and judicial approaches in fifteen jurisdictions (2015)
  • Nurse, Angus, Policing Wildlife: Perspectives on the Enforcement of Wildlife Legislation (2015)
  • Pires, Stephen F & William D. Moreto, 'Preventing Wildlife Crimes: Solutions That Can Overcome the "Tragedy of the Commons"' (2011) 17 European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 101-123
  • Tobe, Shanan S et al, 'Tackling poaching: Recovery of human DNA profiles from deer remains' (2011) 3(1) Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series e265-e266
  • UNODC, Guide on Drafting Legislation to Combat Wildlife Crime (2018)
  • UNODC, Wildlife and Forest Crime Analytical Toolkit (revised ed, 2012)


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