Module 3: Viewing the firearms trafficking video with a purpose


Students should be able to view the video critically. The skills that the students need to do this will help them analyse and question the media that they consume. Media and information literacy is critical to engaging with the issues that surround content and empowers young people to participate in their communities. 


Teacher information

  • Define the purpose. The purpose is for the students to engage with the content in a post-viewing discussion. Tell them that they will be invited to ask questions, answer questions, challenge points of view respectfully and raise additional issues. At the end of the process, share the key messages in the Discussion Guide so the students can have some closure on the main points.
  • Set expectations. Explain to the students that they will have multiple opportunities to view the video, including during the debriefing session. Describe the video to help set expectations.
    • The video is two minutes long
    • The video contains metaphors that may directly refer to one thing by emphasizing, mentioning or highlighting another
    • Explain that some aspects of the video will be teased out or made sense of during the debriefing session
  • Allow for special needs. Allow students with different learning styles and special needs to view the video in ways that make the content more accessible to them (e.g., by allowing them to sit closer to the screen, by enlarging the screen, by providing multiple viewing stations or by providing a headset).
  • Provide multiple viewing opportunities.View the video multiple times before holding the debriefing session. This helps students to notice different or specific details, such as how the firearms trafficker initially causes the car crash. During the multiple viewings, invite the students to look for main ideas, climaxing scenes and embedded conflict.
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