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The primary focus of this Module is to present materials that lecturers can use to encourage students to critically assess the various ways in which gender-based issues arise at different stages within the criminal justice system. The broad scope of this field of study is divided into four topics:

  • Topic 1: Gender-based discrimination and women in conflict with the law
  • Topic 2: The vulnerabilities of girls in conflict with the law
  • Topic 3: Discrimination and violence against individuals that identify as or are perceived to be LGBTI
  • Topic 4: Gender diversity in the criminal justice system workforce             

Within each of these topics, attention is given to the ways in which gendered assumptions, practices, structures and rules bear impacts on complainants, witnesses, defendants and prisoners within the criminal justice system. Through a series of case studies, videos, lecture materials and interactive exercises, the Module promotes the recognition of key international standards for safeguarding the rights of women, girls and LGTBI persons in the criminal justice system.

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