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Session recording on YouTube: Unlocking the power of creativity and art: Youth as agents of change to achieve the SDGs


Unlocking the power of creativity and art: Youth as agents of change to achieve the SDGs


Thursday, 3 December 2020
Time (CET)
16:00 - 17:30

Graphic recording of this event: Camilo Melgar

The session offered a platform for established professionals in the art industries, civil society organizations active in the promotion of art as catalyzer of sustainable development and committed youth, to exchange good practices on the use of art to understand and discuss social issues related to UNODC-mandated areas thus identifying practical solutions to strengthen and promote the use of music, theatre and visual arts to empower youth to become actors of positive change.

Building on the great success of the artistic competition “Youth call for proposals” held in the margins of the 2019 High Level Conference, this session presented a tangible youth empowerment continuum between 2019 and 2020 in that some of the winners of the mentioned artistic competition addressed the session and demonstrated how being engaged with the E4J initiative has benefitted their role of youth ambassadors in the past year and how they are currently igniting positive change in their communities.

Opening Remarks:

  • Mr. Gilberto Duarte, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer, UNODC

Keynote Speech:

  • Mr. Angelo Miramonti, Ph.D., Community Theatre Professor, Coordinator, Theatre for Reconciliation Project
  • Mr. Mustafa Anuer, Visual Artist, Iraq - translation and interpretation provided by Mr. Ahmed Hassan Hussein, Arab Linguist, United Nations Volunteer

The power of art to ignite change through youth participation:

  • Mr. Daniel Hsuan, Musician, E4J Champion
  • Mr. Kelvin Aguilar, Film Maker, E4J Champion
  • Mr. Leonardo Parraga, Youth Ambassador, CEO of Bogotart
  • Ms. Nazurah Usop, ASEAN Youth Representative, Visual Artist
  • Ms. Nadia Brome, Student, Beirut Arab University (BAU), Faculty of Architecture, Design & Built Environment
  • Ms. Raquel Burgoa Dias, Student of Law at NOVA University of Lisbon, Regional Director of Ecucational Projects at the HeforShe Chapter at NOVA.


  • Ms. Kirsty Rancier, Youth Focal Point, Strategic Planning and Interagency Affairs Unit (SPIA), UNODC



Kirsty Rancier

Youth Focal Point, UNODC

Kirsty Rancier is one of UNODC's youth focal points and has over five years of experience engaging youth in educational contexts. As a UN Volunteer, she works to mainstream youth activities throughout UNODC and advocates for youth as one of the co-chairs for the Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD). Kirsty holds a Bachelor of Management from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Public Administration from Concordia University.


Gilberto Duarte

Global Coordinator of the secondary education component of the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative, UNODC

Gilberto Duarte is a Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). He joined UNODC in 2010 and currently leads the secondary level of the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative, which seeks to produce and disseminate education material on justice and rule of law issues. Previously, Gilberto Duarte worked at the UNODC Liaison and Partnership Office in Brazil, covering Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay in the areas of crime prevention, criminal justice, human rights and international cooperation. Gilberto has a Master’s degree in International Relations, with a focus on International Law.

@GilADSantos | https://www.linkedin.com/in/duartesantos/

Angelo Miramonti

Community Theatre Professor, Coordinator of the Theatre for Reconciliation Project, Bellas Artes, Institución Universitaria del Valle, Cali, Colombia

Angelo Miramonti is a Community Theatre professor at the Institute of Fine Arts in Cali, Colombia, and the founder of the Arts for Reconciliation research program in his university. This program focuses on using arts to accompany dialogue and reconciliation among former combatants and victims of armed conflicts. He coordinated rehabilitation programs for child soldiers in Uganda and Congo and carried out anthropological research on healing and possession dances in Senegal. He authored a number of articles and a manual on theatre for reconciliation. He trained in Theatre of the Oppressed, Theatre of Witness, Drama therapy and Ritual theatre.

https://bellasartes.edu.co/ | https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelo-miramonti

Mustafa Anuer

Visual Artist

Mustafa Anuer is a graduate of the Technical Institute and currently a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Iraq. He was initially a goalkeeper and a chessplayer who received awards and memorial certificates, and later he shifted to the field of drawing, where at the beginning he was drawing caricatures and his works were published in several magazines and newspapers. He then tried the 3D art, and made beautiful artworks and got an audience to enjoy these works.

Mustafa is currently a visual artist; his works were published in several magazines and has several certificates of appreciation from artistic organizations and institutions. He founded an academy to teach painting and is currently working on achieving a breakthrough in the world of surrealism and the production of surrealist paintings, where he hopes that one day his paintings will be exhibited in an international museum. and this is a dream that Mustafa holds on strongly, and works on to achieve.

Mustafa Anuer on Facebook | Mustafa Anuer on Instagram

Ahmed Hassan Hussein

Professional Arabic Linguist and Humanitarian Translator, Graphic Designer, United Nations Volunteer, UNODC

Having a passion for languages and non-profit, Ahmed dedicates his life to making a difference in people’s lives through words. “I believe in positive change no matter what the circumstances are around us.” says Ahmed. “One way I could really make a positive impact is through [the words]. Words like الأمن (security) help speakers of Levantine Arabic communicate with humanitarian responders.” Ahmed has greatly contributed to translating and revising many documents, presentations, and to website localization (+200,000 words so far) for a variety of international NGO, humanitarian and non-profit organizations, including WHO, War Child, Save the Children International, UNOCHA Geneva, UNDP Regional Arab States Bureau and others.


Daniel Hsuan

Musician, E4J Champion; Search for Common Ground (SFCG) - Global Youth Leadership Council

Hung-Yu Daniel Hsuan is a youth activist for the rule of law through arts. Daniel has been an avid Model United Nations educator and leader of international conferences on the discussion of peacebuilding and the rule of law. At age 16, his songs on social issues, such as "Heed The Plea and Set Them Free" on the topic of human trafficking, are widely distributed among major music platforms such as Spotify and iTunes. The pop-song also granted him the opportunity to perform at the United Nations Headquarters in front of high-level diplomats. His story as a Taiwanese in the United Nations has been published across various main-stream media, academic papers and news outlets.

https://www.sfcg.org/global-youth-leadership-council/ | @DanielHsuan

Kelvin Aguilar

Film Maker, E4J Champion

Kelvin Aguilar is an award-winning writer, filmmaker and professional teacher in the Philippines with years of experience in producing multimedia contents that address social issues, uphold equal rights, and promote intercultural initiatives. He is an advocate of quality education for all, accessible safe spaces, and upholding the rule of law.

Kelvin is one of the winners of E4J’s Call for Proposals in 2019 and became part of the International High-level Conference in Vienna, Austria. His works continue to inspire the youth in their local community to be agents of change and to create a world that is diverse, safe, and accepting.

https://www.youtube.com/user/kelvz16 | https://www.instagram.com/kelvining16/?hl=en

Leonardo Parraga

Youth Ambassador, CEO of Bogotart; Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace

Leonardo has directed his passion for social transformation into creating the BogotArt Foundation, a youth-led organization established in 2013 with the aim of promoting a more democratic art and cultural scene in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. BogotArt is comprised of urban reality shapers who want to live in a world where the public space can talk about the pursuit of equality that society as a whole seeks to accomplish while promoting a culture of peace and nonviolence.

Graduate from the International Education Policy Master at Harvard University. Social sector management professional who is a dynamic and strategic relationship builder and future-oriented problem-solver. Combining skills in inclusive leadership, business management, and creative thinking. Founder of 2 organizations and more than 5 social projects with a track record of exceeding performance goals. Applying leadership skills and management expertise conducting needs assessments, co-creating solutions, and implementing human-centered projects. Advanced experience with e-learning and online education, having taken 40+ courses in the field of social sector development, psychology, leadership, and international cooperation.

Leonardo is a UNESCO Youth Leader, the Youth Ambassador of the Peace Palace, UNAOC Summer School Alumnus, World Innovation Summit for Education Alumnus, European Development Days Young Leader, Dalai Lama Fellow and Global Trainer of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders.

https://www.vredespaleis.nl/ | https://www.linkedin.com/in/leonardoparraga/

Nazurah Usop

Visual Artist, ASEAN Youth Forum

Ms. Nazurah Usop, who goes by the pseudonym doodles and colors, is a Bruneian visual artist who explores expressions through shapes and colorful interpretations, best described as an experimental, processed based abstract artist and enjoys adding a unique perspective to her work in order to make each piece memorable.

She has had a solo exhibition in Brunei about self expression and identity, exhibitions and collaborative workshops in Malaysia and took part in a digital exhibition from New York, celebrating identity and self-reflection.

Her drawings are hard-edge abstracts, organic patterns which are inspired from various cultural patterns in which is also a metaphorical expression of growth as well as inspirations from music and architecture. Not only is she passionate in the arts, she also has high interests with human rights issues and the physiological aspects of the human mind.


Nadia Brome

Student, Beirut Arab University (BAU), Faculty of Architecture – Design & Built Environment

Nadia Brome is a 4th year student at the faculty of Architecture-Design and Built Environment Beirut Arab University(RIBA part 1 validated courses).She is currently working with a team of students on an urban design assessment to one of the affected neighborhoods in Beirut. Throughout her time studying she has gained extensive knowledge on various aspects of architecture,design and leadership.She interacts productively with anyone, adapts to changing environments and maintains solid relationships with teammates.She has contributed her time between learning, freelancing, traveling, research, workshops and extra-curricular activities.Her desire and curiosity of taking any project to its negligible articulation characterized her style.


Raquel Burgoa Dias

Student of Law, Regional Director for Educational Projects, HeforShe Chapter at NOVA University of Lisbon

Raquel Dias is a third-year student at NOVA School of Law. Raquel's path has an intrinsic connection to the arts, as she completed her studies at the Cascais Music Academy in classical music and cello while dancing ballet, being examined by the Royal Academy of Dance. In 2019, Raquel assisted in legal matters asylum seekers at the Refugee Camp in Turin, Italy. Currently, she work in the gender equality field through being the Regional Director for Educational Projects at HeForShe Lisboa that targets the youth. Raquel remains committed to the themes that are at the forefront and she is a Research Assistant at NOVA Centre for Business, Human Rights and the Environment.

https://www.unl.pt/ | https://www.heforshelisboa.org/ | https://www.linkedin.com/in/raquel-burgoa-dias-29699619b/


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