The Zorbs tells the story of an imaginary planet and its inhabitants who overcome a range of challenges thanks to various core values and skills as promoted under the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative.

The videos are also available in French, Spanish and in Russian.

A New Beginning

The Zorbs: A new beginning (Episode 1)

"A New Beginning" introduces the story of the planet Zorb. It focuses on the difficulties its inhabitants face after they become selfish and lose respect for each other and their planet. This first episode tells the journey of four friends, Intella, Scooter, Sentimo and Signal, to Planet Earth and sets the stage for their future adventures with humankind.




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Big Trouble with the Small Screen

The Zorbs: Big trouble with the small screen (Episode 2)

The episode 'Big Trouble with the Small Screen' helps children recognize potential unsafe, risky or dangerous online behaviours. Children are acquainted with strategies to adopt in case they are exposed to such situations.




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Log Off and Cool Down

The Zorbs: Log off and cool down (Episode 3)

The episode "Log Off and Cool Down" helps children understand that online communication can generate misunderstandings and introduces the values and skills that are required to ensure respectful online communication.




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Teamwork Saves the Day

The Zorbs: Teamwork Saves the Day (Episode 4)

The episode "Teamwork Saves the Day" helps children understand the importance of being fair and respectful to one another and addresses gender stereotypes through dialogue between the Zorbs and their friends in this short, yet deep episode.




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Three Cheers to Respect

The Zorbs: Three Cheers to Respect (Episode 5)

The episode "Three Cheers to Respect" helps children understand that prejudices may lead to undesired consequences. It sheds light on the importance of respecting others and the environment.




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Lucky to Learn

The Zorbs: Lucky to Learn (Episode 6)

The episode "Lucky to Learn" helps children recognize that every child has rights, and understand why there is a need for such rights. It will also support children in understanding that some children are deprived of their rights and that they are vulnerable to different forms of exploitation, including human trafficking.




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Fairness in the Spotlight

The Zorbs: Fairness in the Spotlight (Episode 7)

The episode "Fairness in the Spotlight" helps children recognize the importance of the values of respect and acceptance, and that everyone should be respected regardless of their differences and their personal preferences.




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Picking up Good Habits

The Zorbs: Picking up Good Habits (Episode 8)

The episode "Picking Up Good Habits" helps children understand that their actions and the actions of others affect their community, other people, living things and the environment.




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Shortcuts with Long Consequences

The Zorbs: Shortcuts with Long Consequences (Episode 9)

The episode "Shortcuts with Long Consequences" helps children learn about the value of integrity, identifying ethical decisions in difficult situations and resisting temptations to cheat or treat others with disrespect.




Read the comic book "Shortcuts with Long Consequences".