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Case studies


Several case studies are provided to illustrate the different approaches to crime prevention. These can be used as handouts or included in the relevant sections of the lecture. Case studies are necessarily geographically specific. Regionally or locally relevant case studies can be constructed by viewing materials available from regional and local crime prevention entities.


Case Study One

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) (n.d). Australia: Baby Ferouz and the Children Kept Behind Bars .  This case study explores the hardship and violence, experienced by children seeking asylum.


Case Study Two

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) (n.d). Europe: Progress on Corporal Punishment of Children After Collective Complaints.  This case study highlights the role that NGOs can play in promoting public debate and progressive law reform, to ban corporal punishment of children.


Case Study Three

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) (n.d). India: A toddler's 18-month Wait for Justice.   This case study illustrates the barriers that child victims of violence face when seeking justice, highlighting that justice processes themselves can enact violence against children, these processes do not uphold children's rights and international standards and norms regarding the treatment of child victims.

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