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Student assessment


This section provides a suggestion for a post-class assignment for the purpose of assessing student understanding of the Module. Suggestions for pre-class or in-class assignments are provided in the Exercises section.

The following assignment is proposed to be completed within two weeks after the Module:

  • Select a media article that addresses an issue related to corruption. Examples might include procurement fraud, bribery or kick-backs, money-laundering or any topic that would be deemed appropriate and relevant. Describe the issue in your own words and clearly demonstrate what the governance issues are. Discuss governance measures that could prevent such wrongdoing. Maximum length: 2,500 words.

As an alternative assessment, the lecturer may ask the students to develop a set of questions for a public opinion survey on good governance and conduct the survey with at least five people (from school, the family or the wider community). Then the lecturer asks the students to write a short essay, in which they describe why they developed these questions and what the findings of their surveys are.

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