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Student assessment


In addition to the exercises, other assessment tools used in this Module are review questions and homework assignments.


Review questions

These questions can also be used to promote class discussions during the lecture.

  • What are the principles that guide Internet governance?
  • What are the barriers to universal Internet governance?
  • What are the basic features of a cybersecurity strategy?
  • What are the differences between cybersecurity strategies and cybercrime prevention strategies?
  • What are the steps in the lifecycle of a cybersecurity strategy?
  • What efforts exist that seek to enhance and/or assist international cooperation on cybersecurity matters?
  • In what ways have the cybersecurity postures of countries been assessed?

Homework Assignments

Students can be assigned one or more of the following assignments to be completed before class as either a written homework assignment (one to three pages long) and/or be part of the class discussion:

Homework # 1 ~ Barriers to Universal Internet Governance 

What are the barriers to universal Internet governance? Please justify your response using evidence-based arguments supported by the core and/or advanced readings.

Homework # 2 ~ Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model

Students should be randomly assigned one country before the class to enable them to complete the assignment before the class meets. Instruct the students to conduct research on their country and identify their assigned country's maturity state based on the Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model. The students can access the Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model report on their assigned country here:

Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre. (2018). CMM Assessments Around the World .

Homework # 3 ~ Case Study: Importance of CERT - Response to the Anna Kournikova virus

Have students review the following:

Roberts, Eric. (2000). Virus: A Retrospective .

Instruct the students to identify what kind of activities the CERT team can offer in such scenarios?

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