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Additional teaching tools


This section includes links to relevant teaching aides such as PowerPoint slides and video material, that could help the lecturer teach the issues covered by the Module. Lecturers can adapt the slides and other resources to their needs.

PowerPoint presentation


Video materials

  • Short video with Neil MacGregor, head of the British Museum, describing the Cyrus Cylinder.
  • Attenborough, Richard (1982). Gandhi. Los Angeles: Columbia Pictures.  » The lecturer could show students the early scene in the film when Gandhi has just completed his legal training in England and is on his first train ride in South Africa. He has a first class ticket and is sitting in the first class coach of the South African train when he is told by the conductor that "coloureds" cannot sit in first class. He produces his ticket and is eventually thrown off the train. It is also important to show the following scene in which he and other Indians burn their identity documents required to be carried throughout South Africa and he is clubbed by a policeman.
  • Guggenheim, David (2015). He Named Me Malala. Los Angeles: Fox Searchlight.
  • Singer, Bennett (2003). Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin. New York: Independent Television and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  » It is recommended to show the final scene of the film beginning with how the late civil and human rights activist Bayard Rustin (1912-1987) is seen as an outsider even among some of his own group and when he wears a bowtie to the Nixon gala and is interviewed.
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