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Possible class structure


This section contains recommendations for a teaching sequence and timing intended to achieve learning outcomes through a three-hour class. The lecturer may wish to disregard or shorten some of the segments below in order to give more time to other elements, including introduction, icebreakers, conclusion or short breaks. The structure could also be adapted for shorter or longer classes, given that the class durations vary across countries.

  • Introduce concept of gender and sex and relevant examples - 20 mins
  • Introduce concept of intersectionality - 15 minutes (examples are essential)
  • Through a gender lens, discuss the different roles women can play in organized crime and why they play those particular roles - 30 minutes
  • Introduce politics of researching organized crime and gender - 30 minutes
    • Why do people study organized crime?
    • What do we think about organized crime? Discuss through a gender lens. 
  • Discuss specific examples consisting on/drawing from - 60 minutes
    • Women's roles in (different) organized criminal groups
    • Drug trafficking/human trafficking/migrant smuggling
    • Wildlife crime/cybercrime/trafficking in cultural property
  • Wrap up
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