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Core reading


This section provides a list of (mostly) open access materials that the lecturer could ask the students to read before taking a class based on this Module.

  • MacDonald, Chris and Alexei Marcoux (n.d.). Concise Encyclopedia on Business Ethics . Journal Review Foundation.  » This online resource contains definitions and descriptions of some ethical concepts. It could be a helpful baseline reference for keeping things simple.
  • Elegido, J.M. (1996). Fundamentals of Business Ethics: A Developing World Perspective. Ibadan, Nigeria: Spectrum Books Limited.  » This is a resource that deals extensively with the topic of integrity and ethics in business. The lecturer will find other content there that could further enrich the course and help to achieve the learning objectives.
  • Paine, Lynne S (1994). Managing for organizational integrity. Harvard Business Review (March-April), pp. 106-117.   » This seminal article provides a basis for explaining how to achieve ethical management in a business using the integrity and compliance approaches.

Samples of codes of conduct which can be used in class as practical examples as well as for the exercises.


The following sources are guidelines for creating codes of conduct:

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