Promoting the rule of law through Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) offers a popular way to learn about the United Nations and to give tomorrow's leaders an insight into negotiating at the international level. E4J developed a guide to support MUNers who wish to integrate crime prevention and criminal justice issues into their simulations. Participating students can use the guide to learn about the global rule of law challenges being discussed at the core of the United Nations. For more information on E4J MUN, see our info sheet or contact us .

E4J MUN Resource Guide

Access the E4J MUN Resource Guide to integrate crime, justice and other rule of law topics into your MUN conference.

In addition to the E4J MUN Resource Guide, the United Nations Guide to Model UN, developed by the United Nations Department of Global Communication (DGC) offers a set of useful information about the UN and its negotiation processes. The Guide is a practical resource that provides MUN Conferences with advice on holding conferences following actual rules used by real-world diplomats.


Engage with us

We encourage MUN conferences that use or plan to use the E4J MUN Resource Guide to engage with us and UNODC's field office network for support and guidance.


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