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Core reading


This section provides a list of (mostly) open access materials that the lecturer could ask the students to read before taking a class based on this Module.

  • Deigh, John (2010). An Introduction to Ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.   » Chapter one of this introductory text is available as an open access text.
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy   (section on ethics, more specifically subsection on normative ethics)   » The Internet Encyclopeadia of Philosophy is an open access resource that provides peer-reviewed scholarly information on all aspects of philosophy. Articles are targeted at advanced undergraduates in philosophy as well as those who are not working in the field covered by the articles. The relevant section gives an overview of virtue theories, duty theories and consequentialist theories.
  • The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy .   » Since 1995, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has been an open access resource that provides detailed information on philosophical topics, maintained and updated by either an expert or a group of experts. The entry that traces the history of early Greek philosophy, with specific reference to concepts such as virtue, happiness and the soul is available here.


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