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Student assessment


In addition to the exercises, other assessment tools used in this Module are review questions and homework assignments.


Review questions

The questions can also be used to promote class discussions during the lecture.

  • What are the general categories of cybercrime?
  • What cybercrimes fit into these categories?
  • Are there are any crimes that fit into more than one category? If so, which ones?
  • Identify a cybercrime. How is this cybercrime perpetrated? Please describe the process in detail.

Homework assignments

Students can be tasked with  one or more of the following assignments to be completed before class as a written homework assignment (one to three pages long) and/or be part of the class discussion:

Homework #1: Where does spam belong?

  • Spam is considered both a form of computer-related fraud and a content-related crime. Why? Please explain your response. 

Homework # 2: Were any cybercrimes not covered?

  • Can you identify a cybercrime that is included in the law in your country that was not discussed in the readings?
  • Which category does it belong to (offences against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems; computer-related offences; or content-related offences)? Why do you think so?

Homework # 3: Criminalizing unauthorized access

  • Should "mere unauthorized access" be criminalized or should some security measure be overcome? Please justify your response.
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