Organized crime   Corruption   Human trafficking / migrant smuggling   Terrorism


By playing this game, educators and young people will be able to solve some of the following questions:

  • What is meant by corruption? And terrorism? What is human trafficking? What differences are there within the framework of migrant smuggling?
  • What impact do these types of organized crime have on individuals and societies?
  • Who in society has the responsibility to prevent and combat crime and protect victims and other persons?
  • What different roles do these agents play in the prevention and combatting of crime and protection of victims and society?
  • How could different agents interact, work together and cooperate with each other to strengthen democratic societies against crime?
  • How can we contribute to the fight against these crimes?

Running out of Time is a cooperative boardgame for five players, where victory can only be achieved by working as a team.

The main objective of the game is to prevent crime from spreading throughout the city and affecting all the neighbourhoods and the people living there. To achieve this, the characters, embodying different social agents, must get 10 VICTORY CARDS. If they manage to get them all, they will have beaten the crime and won the game. Otherwise, the crime will have triumphed and everyone will have lost.


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