Integrity and Ethics


This snakes and ladders-style game is intended to teach students key concepts of integrity. Students in teams are challenged to reach the end of the board by answering questions and competing in tasks. The facilitator is a teacher or responsible adult. The players are students.

As a result of this game, students will:

  • Improve their knowledge on how to act with integrity and put this into practice.
  • Be able to think critically in order to answer questions.
  • Work in teams to respond to tasks set.

This game can be relevant to lessons in the curriculum that relate to being a good citizen and to social responsibility.

The game will help educate young citizens, so they are able to hold institutions to account, encouraging them to improve and deliver what they exist to do. The game will allow this by making students aware of critical skills that would enable them to become citizens that act with, and demand integrity. This includes accessing information to discover their rights and responsibilities, acting on problems caused by corruption they are trained to identify and seeking to solve them, and understanding what constitutes corrupt behaviour and the impact it has on their communities. Each question in the game is intended to initiate discussion about integrity and its meaning in practice, to figure out the most appropriate answer.


Game materials for download

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